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February 24, 2021

2020 Year in Review

Interface Studio would like to recognize and celebrate the adaptability and innovation we found in our team, our partners, our clients, and the communities we had the opportunity to work in in 2020. From distancing our community engagement, to crafting COVID-19 economic recovery strategies, to learning how to collaborate from afar, the last year pushed us to experiment and expand our existing skills. Click to read the full blog post.

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Knight Foundation

May 20, 2019

The power of collaboration: working together for a more vibrant Macon

Thousands of residents engaged in the planning process ✅ Place-based economic development ✅ 80% of strategies implemented ✅ Check out this write up by Knight Foundation about the impact of our work and others in Macon, Georgia, in the past few years. We are so excited to continue our work in Macon, Georgia, with the Macon Action Plan Refresh: the latest update to the Macon Action Plan!

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WDEL 101.7 FM

May 14, 2019

Safety is big part of completed Wilmington comprehensive plan

Last week, City of Wilmington, Delaware released Wilmington 2028, their new draft plan. We had such a great time working with the people of Wilmington to help envision the future they want and recommend actions to get there!

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Macon Telegraph

July 18, 2017

Macon just keeps on succeeding

Great review of the implementation progress for the Macon Action Plan. So excited to see the many positive changes to our home away from home.

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Curbed Atlanta

January 23, 2017

Downtown Atlanta Master Plan wants to hear from YOU

"Ultimately, the Master Plan, when finished, will be “the primary vision-setting and policy-directing strategy to lead the ongoing evolution of Downtown Atlanta for the next fifteen years,” according to Central Atlanta Progress. [...] that sounds pretty important." Check out the article for a link to the survey, and visit for details on other ways to get involved!

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November 28, 2016

Chinatown: more than just a tourist destination

Philadelphia’s Chinatown is a unique ecosystem that encompasses immigrants, small businesses and manufacturers, institutions, visitors, and a growing creative class. Known to outsiders mainly as a place for food and commerce, Chinatown is also a residential neighborhood and remains a vital hub of community and services for immigrants who have dispersed to other parts of the city – a home away from home.

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Plan Philly

November 22, 2016

Rebuild receives $100m grant towards implementation

The William Penn Foundation announced today that it would be giving its largest grant ever (!) to help implement Rebuild - Philadelphia's proposed $500m investment in its community infrastructure. Interface Studio led the team to help shape the program, and we're over the moon about its potential impact on our City.

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Dover Post

December 30, 2015

2015 UNWRAPPED: Bringing back Downtown Dover

Dover's 2015 was shaped by a diverse range of stories. Some are strictly local, while others resonate with the year's national concerns: Delaware's opt-out bill, for example, was just part of a larger debate on standardized testing. Still others - from new country music festivals to downtown development in Dover - give us an idea of where the county's growth is headed.

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Dover Post

November 09, 2014

FOLLOW UP: Vision for Vitality: Restoring Central Dover

"Our Vision for Vitality" will be a key component of an application to make Dover one of at least three Downtown Development Districts (DDD) in the state.

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Dover Post

July 10, 2014

NCALL Research unveils plan to revitalize central Dover

Create affordable housing. Promote economic development. And improve existing infrastructure. Those were three of the main recommendations NCALL Research, a Dover-based affordable housing organization, proposed Wednesday as part of their vision for improving downtown Dover.

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