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Fort Worth Star-Telegram

April 07, 2022

Downtown Fort Worth Inc. focuses on wins for city

Successful downtowns have places to play, places to sit and places to grow, Page said. He showed examples of an urban farm in downtown Detroit and an alley in Philadelphia revamped into a plaza. Interface Studio is working with Downtown Fort Worth Inc. on its Plan 2033, a road map to guide development for the next decade. The firm also is working with the city on a similar plan for the Las Vegas Trail area. The firm is surveying residents and downtown stakeholders about what they want to see downtown. Interface will use those results to try to find what Page called “threads of connection,” where people agree on what they want for the city’s urban core. If you do the engagement well and reach out to a lot of people, Page said, by the time the draft comes out, people will agree on about 90% of it, Page said.

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Dallas Innovates

October 28, 2021

Richardson Launches New Office of Innovation & Placemaking Initiatives

We are excited to see the City of Richardson making strides toward implementing their vision for reinvestment and redevelopment of key areas of the city including the Collins-Arapaho district that was the focus of our 2018 TOD and Innovation District Study. The city has announced the creation of the Office of Innovation & Placemaking Initiatives, which will manage six priority reinvestment and redevelopment areas. The new office will also oversee operations and programming for the Richardson Innovation Quarter Headquarters (IQ HQ) which is slated to open in 2022.

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September 06, 2018

Cool Places to Cool Off

"And perhaps most impactfully, these makeovers are inspiring cities to rethink the role and potential of their public pool systems. When city leaders start to look at public pools not just as places to cool off, but as cool places, nearly anything is possible."

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