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The Macon Newsroom

April 19, 2023

It's great to be back in Macon!

Macon's transformation since our first Macon Action Plan (MAP) was completed in 2015 has been nothing short of stunning. We were back in town in April for two separate but inter-related projects: to kick off the third iteration of MAP and to join the Reimagining the Civic Commons Studio in Macon.

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Akron Beacon Journal /

May 01, 2019

Small wins bring big change to Akron

So great to see our work with Reimagining the Civic Commons / Akron Civic Commons highlighted. We aim for small actions that have big impacts in communities.

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Reimagining the Civic Commons

April 18, 2019

We’re measuring the impact of investments in public places. Here’s what we’ve learned.

How do you measure the value a park has on a neighborhood? From a gathering place, to increasing property values, to improved air quality, and more, we worked with Reimagining the Civic Commons and City Observatory to create tools to capture the social impacts of civic spaces like parks. The four key outcomes we looked at are civic engagement, mixing of incomes and backgrounds, environmental sustainability, and attracting neighborhood investment. Read more about the real impact of a place here

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Inside Philanthropy

June 05, 2018

Measuring the Impact of Public Space on Neighborhood Well-Being

"The reason monitoring all of these potential outcomes is so interesting is that city infrastructure projects can have any number of consequences, intended or otherwise. They can accelerate real estate values, price out or alienate longtime residents, bring in new businesses, or flood the area with tourists. As cities and their donors have paved (unpaved?) the way for trail systems in Philly, a huge city park in Tulsa, or a floating performance space in New York, serious questions about these implications have followed. This project marks an attempt to put some numbers to those implications. "

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Reimagining the Civic Commons

May 17, 2018

Measuring what matters in the commons

Our baseline metrics reports for the Civic Commons initiative are out in the world! Following up on a first year of data analysis, we'll be going back out this summer and fall to see what impact the first roster of built projects (including Detroit's Ella Fitzgerald Park, HomeBase, and Memphis's Mississippi River Park) are having on their communities.

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