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July 08, 2019

Lunch Club: Where to eat in Callowhill and Chinatown

Who’s hungry? This #MappyMonday, we decided to have some fun and map our favorite places to grab lunch (and dessert) in the Callowhill / Chinatown neighborhoods near our office. After 13 years in the same spot, we’d like to think we’ve tried it all!

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Plan Philly

November 10, 2017

A New Plan for Chinatown

“Chinatown is a neighborhood that is constantly changing and adapting in order to survive,” said Sarah Yeung, director of planning for PCDC. “The key is to strike a balanced approach while at the same time not letting go of our values, which is to allow for community self-determination and to create an equitable community.”

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Arch Daily

January 18, 2017

Knight Cities Challenge Finalists

Congratulations to the Knight Cities Challenge finalists! We're proud to be among this passionate and innovative bunch of folks and hope we get the chance to roll up our sleeves and implement.

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November 28, 2016

Chinatown: more than just a tourist destination

Philadelphia’s Chinatown is a unique ecosystem that encompasses immigrants, small businesses and manufacturers, institutions, visitors, and a growing creative class. Known to outsiders mainly as a place for food and commerce, Chinatown is also a residential neighborhood and remains a vital hub of community and services for immigrants who have dispersed to other parts of the city – a home away from home.

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