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Interface Studio LLC is an inventive and imaginative planning and urban design practice. 

We believe the process of urban planning is evolving, becoming increasingly graphic, grassroots-driven, and interactive.  With the growing presence of technology in our world comes near-constant visual stimulation, unprecedented access to information, and an empowered generation of do-it-yourself activists.  Planning is a form of advocacy – for a better future and for engaged, equitable communities.  Our practice and approach celebrates these shifts. 

Our mission is to help communities, large and small, think about where they are now, what they would like to become, and which steps are needed to get there. 

We strive to make planning and design accessible to all audiences with a style that is approachable, artistic, playful, and intended to welcome the public into the planning process.  We listen to people from all walks of life, we research, we draw, and we make many, many maps.  Our mutual exchange with residents and stakeholders is one of trust and respect, honest and real.  We actively listen and develop relationships with the people and places where we work. 

Every place has a story to tell. Planning and design, for us, is a means of storytelling.  

Our role is to mine for data and help uncover the trends that shape our cities.  We translate data into compelling graphics that enable residents and stakeholders to see their communities with fresh eyes.   

We help communities prioritize and take action. 

We believe that early actions and incremental steps are critical to build confidence and momentum.   We are as interested in what happens in the next 6 months as we are over the next 6 years and beyond.  Changing places for the better is a process that requires a unifying vision, partnerships and clear pathways to guide us from today towards our goals.

We work hard, but we laugh along the way. We care a lot about what we do – for our clients and their communities, for ourselves, and for the greater good.  Our team has a penchant for bright colors, fun fonts, birthday celebrations, cookies, and animated GIFS. We trust in one another and encourage every new employee to help broaden the ways in which we work.

We’re proud of what we do and have been recognized with state awards and nine national awards including the first ever National Excellence Award for an Emerging Planning Firm from the American Planning Association.   

Hi there! We are based in Philadelphia, and we work across the country. Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact us below.
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Ben Bryant, AICP, PP, Senior Associate

Ben is a planner and urban designer interested in how neighborhoods, cities, and regions can incentivize and best manage processes of revitalization and reinvention. As a city planner, Ben has led projects in cities, first-ring suburbs, and walkable downtowns with a focus on land use, transportation, economic development, and public outreach. Ben’s experience also includes a rich portfolio of tactical urbanism projects that seek to re-activate dormant civic spaces through creative interventions that capture the public imagination. Ben is a two-time winner of the Knight Cities Challenge and creator of the Pop-Up Pool Project in Philadelphia. Ben holds a Masters in City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania with a Certificate in Urban Design.

Stacey Chen, AICP, Principal

Stacey became interested in city planning and urban design after living in Asia for a number of years where she observed transformations in Asian urbanism and gained fluency in Mandarin Chinese. Back in the United States, she focused on community development and social programs for low-income and immigrant communities in New York City. Stacey brings an international perspective, cultural competence and an interest in social justice to her work. With Interface Studio, Stacey has led projects ranging from comprehensive plans to neighborhood action plans addressing downtowns, industrial reuse and place making, climate resiliency and waterfront communities. She received a Master of City Planning degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago.

Ashley DiCaro, LEED AP, Senior Associate

Ashley cheerfully joined the Interface Studio team in 2008 as a landscape and urban designer. Over the course of her tenure, she's been cultivating her interests in the multidisciplinary approach to sustainable design and planning all while developing an unrivaled mastery of the pen tool. Most recently, she has been immersed in several extensive GIS data dives and has developed a healthy(?) curiosity for data manipulation and spatial analysis. Currently, she sits on the City of Philadelphia's Civic Design Review Board, and is an adjunct professor in the Jefferson College of Architecture and the Built Environment. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University and a Master of Science in Sustainable Design from Philadelphia University, and is a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

Chris DiStasi, Associate

Chris came to urban planning and design after working as a social policy researcher and public engagement consultant, exploring ways to better involve the public in decision-making related to education, health care, and other issues. He is especially interested in public space and placemaking, and he is a firm believer that an inclusive, engaging planning process is as important as a project’s final product. Chris holds a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania, where he focused on urban design. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and History from the University of Rochester.

Maria Gabriela Gonzalez, Designer

Maria joined Interface Studio in 2017. A native Venezuelan, she is passionate about social and humanitarian causes, and enjoys finding ways to bring design and social development together. She has worked in Caracas, San José (Costa Rica), Bogotá and New York City, where she has studied the relationship between architecture, public space, dignity and civic participation. Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Universidad Simón Bolívar, and was part of the first class receiving the Master’s Degree in Urban Placemaking and Management from Pratt Institute.

Jamie Granger, Senior Associate

Jamie is an urban planner and designer interested in the interrelationship between the built and natural environments and urban economics. With both creative and pragmatic mindsets, he brings a comprehensive approach to tackling urban issues. His recent work includes multiple downtown revitalization plans, citywide economic strategies, and district wide urban designs. In addition to his work at Interface Studio, he has taught a graduate level City Planning studio at the University of Pennsylvania since 2016. Jamie holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Urban Studies and Economics from Brown University, and a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sarah Kellerman, AICP, LEED, Chicago Studio Director

Sarah is an urban planner, designer, and proven project manager with experience working across many scales and disciplines. She is passionate about urban design that supports public life and place-making. Sarah is an Adjunct Lecturer for the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, and a Program Associate for the College’s Master of City Design Program. She holds a Masters of Urban Planning and Policy from University of Illinois in Chicago, and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture with a minor in urban design from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She is AICP and LEED GA Certified.

Lisa Lobree, Office Manager

Lisa joined Interface in September 2014 as our Business Manager. Educated with a doctorate in engineering from U.C. Berkeley, she has shifted gears to help small companies run the business side of their organization. Lisa takes care of day to day financial processes including anything invoice, payroll, tax, and budget related as well as human resources. She lives in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia with her husband, 3 children, a cat, a dog, and a fish.

Scott Page, Principal

Scott Page founded Interface Studio to test and develop a unique and innovative set of urban design ideas. Scott is an urban designer and planner with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology Architecture Department including a year of study at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris. Scott has more than twenty years of diverse experience ranging from city-wide master planning to site specific design and redevelopment strategies. He has been a leader in developing innovative neighborhood plans targeted toward enhancing communication, awareness and empowerment at the community level. Scott is a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and his research on urban design, emerging technologies and sustainability has been presented and published both in the United States and Europe.

Tobin Stuff, Designer

Tobin is a planner and urban designer who incorporates advocacy, community engagement, and photography into his work. His previous work experiences have allowed him to work with communities throughout the U.S. and in Japan, South Korea, and Kenya. He is constantly learning so he can engage in conversation with others to create shared knowledge and generate new ideas and perspectives on some of our greatest challenges related to climate change, social equity, and under-invested civic assets. Tobin holds a Masters of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor's degree in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of Pittsburgh. Strike up a conversation with him over your favorite places to get Korean-Mexican food and public spaces to explore.

Mindy Watts, AICP, PP, Principal

Mindy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. Trained both as a printmaker and an urban planner, Mindy brings an artistic sensibility to the physical, social, and environmental aspects of her planning projects. Her planning and design experience has introduced her to a broad spectrum of contemporary issues facing cities and urban neighborhoods. Her projects have addressed the polar challenges of managing growth in robust markets and fostering revitalization in those of decline and abandonment. Mindy teaches a practice-based workshop for first-year city planning graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

Akshay Yeleswarapu, Designer

Akshay is an architect and urbanist interested in urban design and planning at the intersection of environment and equity. His interests in the city, equity and environment are rooted in his experience of Mumbai and his work in other parts of India. Akshay is also interested in understanding ideas of marginalization and ethnicity across cultural boundaries, particularly the questions of race in America and caste in India. Akshay holds a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from Cornell University, where he focused on Urban Design and Planning. He also holds a Bachelor of Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai.

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