• canal
    Philadelphia, PA
    Core Realty
    Woodcock Design, Inc., Digsau, Studio Bryan Hanes
    Completed 2014
    urban design, site-specific

A development plan for key properties along Philadelphia's Delaware River waterfront

The Penn Treaty Village Master Plan seeks to reinforce and build upon the planning foundation laid by the Central Delaware Master Plan.  The overall vision for Penn Treaty Village is one of a neighborhood-serving, family-friendly entertainment district with a mix of uses established within a patchwork of new and repurposed buildings and linked by a series of public spaces to foster stronger connections between the River Ward neighborhoods and the River.  Canal Street, a hidden street that traces the historic route of Cohocksink Creek, will be the civic centerpiece of Penn Treaty Village.  

Interface Studio was responsible for developing the master plan and  played a key role between the developer, City and community to develop design and planning solutions that satisfied community concern and City requirements.  The project received Plan of Development approval from the Planning Commission in the Fall of 2012.  

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The proposal is to convert Canal Street into a pedestrian street with vehicular access restricted to emergency vehicles and loading during designated times.  Hard and softscape features including plantings, lighting, fountains, public art, and street furniture to complement ground floor retail lining the pedestrian corridor will transform this forgotten alley-like street into a unique pedestrian experience that unfolds along Canal Street’s meandering path, to link housing and shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, park spaces and parking lots tucked under I-95’s overpasses.

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