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A vision for action, a direction for the future

Dormont is a small Borough immediately outside of Pittsburgh.  As a rail car suburb, the Borough grew around its access to the T; it’s just a short commute to downtown Pittsburgh.  Over the years, what has traditionally been a densely-populated, walkable urban community has shifted toward an auto-dominated pattern of development.  Well-loved by long-time residents, the Borough has also been attracting young professionals and young families with its mix of affordable housing and the growing potential of its Main Street-style commercial district.  

Interface Studio worked with the Borough of Dormont to update their comprehensive plan in 2013.  Borough leadership wanted a comprehensive plan to guide the budgeting process but also to engage a wider array of local residents.  The process included constant contact with the local media but also a series of public events at the historic Hollywood Theater.  These events were promoted like movies (complete with movie posters) and enabled residents to share their ideas in an informal and interactive manner.

The resulting comprehensive plan capitalizes on Dormont’s walkable streets and engaged residents in developing solutions to some long-standing concerns around parking, code enforcement and economic development.  The plan was passed unanimously by Borough Council in 2014.

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