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December 21, 2016

Macon gets some love

  • Macon Action Plan

Next City gives Macon a little love for their excellent work in creating the world's first pop-up bike network.  As stated in the article:

"Macon, Georgia, population 150,000, was able to increase cyclist counts nearly tenfold during a one-week pop-up bike network, which at 8 miles, may have been the largest such temporary installation ever."

“It’s hard to explain to you what a massive shift [this has been]. From ‘Oh, people aren’t going to bike, we put in a block and nobody used it,’ to now they know what good infrastructure looks like, and they’re going to use it,” says Rogers.

That would be Josh Rogers, CEO of Newtown Macon and one of the many folks we worked with on the Macon Action Plan.  Congrats to their ongoing successes in bring their visions to reality!