• Please redesign Tucker for people not cars
  • Location
    St. Louis, MO
  • Client
    Greater St. Louis Inc.
    Stoss, Mass Economics, CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners, Star City Group
  • Status
    Completed 2020
  • Project Type
    Downtown, Economic Development, Housing, Engagement

A comprehensive Downtown plan for St. Louis

Downtown has long served as the place that brings everyone together. It is the economic, cultural, and civic core of the St. Louis region - a center for sports, celebrations, music & culture, as well as a center for civic celebrations and protests.  It is home to approximately 75,000 jobs and remains the heart of the St. Louis Region.  The Downtown population has doubled since the last plan for Downtown was completed over 20 years ago and there is a growing number of major Downtown investments including a new aquarium, a major league soccer stadium and new housing around Ballpark Village.

But Downtown is also deeply disconnected and experiencing the worst of the pandemic's impacts.  Too many visitors ask "where are all the people" and a legacy of investments create real physical barriers from one part of Downtown to another.  

Design Downtown is an invitation to everyone that cares about Downtown to envision a better future.   

  • Open House!
  • Online open house

The plan started pre-COVID but needed to adapt quickly to an online presence.  Our 2nd open house - designed as an interactive series of exhibits - found a large audience and helped to move the plan to completion. 

  • over 1,000 ideas from the public about how Downtown could be better
  • Online open house

"It's time to connect the dots"

There are too many inactive streets, parking lots and gaps between stores, restaurants and destinations.  Design Downtown evaluates creative ways to connect and focus activity in Downtown.

  • Adding new activity to the Gateway Mall

Make Downtown a center of inclusive entrepreneurship.  

There are real opportunities to support minority businesses and grow a network of small businesses to diversify Downtown's economy.  Businesses should start Downtown and remain Downtown. 

In addition, specific actions include: Growing the Downtown neighborhood;  reimagining streets, addressing crime and activating spaces with new programming.  

  • The map that tells the story of Downtown's challenges - inactive frontages
  • General approach to development and land use
  • Critical street improvements proposed for Downtown
  • program program program
  • front row!
  • Downtown meets the River