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  • Location
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Client
    New Kensington CDC
  • Status
    Completed 2014
  • Project Type
    Neighborhood plan, community engagement, urban design

A community plan from the ground up

The North of Lehigh Neighborhood Revitalization Plan provides a focus on improving one of the most concerning and discussed areas of Philadelphia.  

The North of Lehigh Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is built upon an innovative approach to relationship and consensus building.  NKCDC, working to build local capacity, helped to create the Somerset Neighbors for Better Living (SBNL) - a group of residents dedicated to improving the quality of life and the future of their community through coordinated action.  The planning process sought to expand this growing capacity by actively engaging residents with respect to key community issues including safety, human capital, environmental justice, green space and housing. 

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The focus of the plan was on identifying the specific roles community members could play in helping to visibly improve their community.  In working to address public safety, brainstorming sessions were held between residents and the police that resulted in specific actions to redesign and change some of the street network, strategically insert community managed open space and target cleaning in key hotspots.  A significant focus was placed on securing the Lehigh Viaduct and developing new mixed-income housing in what is often referred to as “the Village.”  Today, investment in the Village is visible and the ongoing stewardship that started with NKCDC and reinforced with this plan is having a tangible impact.   

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