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Interface Studio started with a desire to create innovative plans grounded in the needs of every place in which we work.  Our early projects in different cities, some suffering from years of disinvestment and decline, challenged us to develop new design tools to connect with local residents and tell the stories of their cities and neighborhoods – past, present, and future.  Invention has become habit, and the result is a practice that is constantly evolving.  City planning and urban design are our focus, but our portfolio speaks to our unique abilities to also engage the public, create a distinct brand for cities and communities, analyze and communicate data, and move plans immediately into implementation. 

As statements of shared priorities and well-considered roadmaps to revitalization, our plans have drawn millions from private foundations and helped public entities access and allocate limited federal, state, and city resources.  The monies raised enable our plans to remain living documents, catalysts of investment and tools that build support for desired change.

Our collective experience has positioned us as strong advocates for issues facing cities across the country.  Our colleagues at Interface have participated in expert panels related to transit-oriented development, economic development, urban manufacturing, placemaking, public art, and vacant land.

Our projects range from major, city-wide initiatives to the design of a single block.  Explore for yourself.

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