Interface Studio

    Macon Connections: 2nd Street Boulevard
    Macon, GA

    The 2nd Street spine through Downtown Macon, currently flanked by varied land uses, vacancy, and levels of activity that change from block to block, carries great potential to unify the City’s Downtown area and link Downtown with Macon’s major employment and education centers. The City of Macon hired Interface Studio and Sam Schwartz Engineering to develop a plan to improve 2nd Street as a green boulevard, tailored segment by segment to increase connectivity, catalyze investment along the corridor, slow traffic, accommodate bicycle lanes, introduce new plantings and back-in diagonal parking, and direct people in cars, on bikes, and on foot toward Downtown.

    The plan consists of three main objectives: creating a new road segment to connect existing Little Richard Penniman Boulevard with 2nd Street, re-designing and re-branding 2nd Street as the trunk that anchors Downtown’s tree-named streets, and re-routing truck traffic to the periphery of Downtown. These goals aim to foster a more hospitable environment for new development and improved links between neighborhoods to revitalize the districts surrounding Downtown Macon as well as Downtown, itself.

    The plan was supported by the regional transportation planning agency which will ask the State to include the project in its plans and lobby Congress for funding. The Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the regional transportation agency called the plan “so much better than anything we have seen in the local roads projects in many years” and suggested that “Interface Studio should work on other controversial projects.”

    For more information, see the April 2010 article in the Macon Telegraph.

    Client: City of Macon

    Project Team: Sam Schwartz Engineering