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WABE 90.1 Atlanta

September 15, 2017

Another great event in Downtown Atlanta

Great press for our recent public event in Downtown. The event at the Central Library was designed to preview ideas before drafting the plans and gaining some insights from the public about their priorities.

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Macon Telegraph

July 18, 2017

Macon just keeps on succeeding

Great review of the implementation progress for the Macon Action Plan. So excited to see the many positive changes to our home away from home.

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Next City

June 05, 2017

One neighborhood, many ideas

Whatever comes of the planning process in Eastwick is likely to include a range of uses, said Scott Page, of Interface, simply because there’s so much land at stake. And key to the entire process will be managing development in light of the threats of climate change and the predictions of sea level rise.

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Plan Philly

April 26, 2017

Eastwick’s neighbors demand full inclusion in planning process for 189 vacant acres

During our very first meeting, neighborhood residents told us to expect a 'fiery bunch' and they did not disappoint. We are so fortunate to be working with such an engaged community. Thanks to all who came out on Monday night, it was a great discussion, and we look forward to planning WITH you in the coming months!

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Curbed Atlanta

March 28, 2017

Great turnout in Downtown Atlanta!

Nearly 500 folks came through to view the plan and add their 2 cents. Participants dove in to the planning process, adding comments to a sprawling map of the area, leaving comments on pictures of other cities, taking surveys about transportation and amenities they would like to see in the neighborhood, and even designing their ideal street.

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Plan Philly

March 08, 2017

Environmental foundation to guide Eastwick's plan

It’s easier to understand Eastwick’s flooding problem when you look at an old map and realize that most of the neighborhood was part of the Tinicum Marsh. By 1900, the marsh encompassed 5,700 acres covering not only what the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge protects but also where most of the Philadelphia International Airport and the Philadelphia Refining Complex stand today. As the city started developing, the wetlands started getting filled and dredged. And by 2000, the marsh was just 200 acres.

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Plan Philly

January 31, 2017

Interface Studio kicks off the Lower Eastwick Public Land Strategy

"After decades of dealing with the impacts of what was called the largest urban renewal project in the country, the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority launched a new planning and feasibility study to decide the future of Lower Eastwick’s 190 acres of publicly owned land." We couldn't be more thrilled to be part of the next chapter for Eastwick!

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Curbed Atlanta

January 23, 2017

Downtown Atlanta Master Plan wants to hear from YOU

"Ultimately, the Master Plan, when finished, will be “the primary vision-setting and policy-directing strategy to lead the ongoing evolution of Downtown Atlanta for the next fifteen years,” according to Central Atlanta Progress. [...] that sounds pretty important." Check out the article for a link to the survey, and visit for details on other ways to get involved!

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Arch Daily

January 18, 2017

Knight Cities Challenge Finalists

Congratulations to the Knight Cities Challenge finalists! We're proud to be among this passionate and innovative bunch of folks and hope we get the chance to roll up our sleeves and implement.

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December 21, 2016

Macon gets some love

Next City gives Macon a little love for their excellent work in creating the world's first pop-up bike network.  As stated in the article: "Macon, Georgia, population 150,000, was able to increase cyclist counts nearly tenfold during a one-week pop-up bike network, which at 8 miles, may have been...

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