Interface Studio

    The Interface Studio Team:

    Scott Page, Principal

    Scott Page founded Interface Studio to test and develop a unique and innovative set of urban design ideas.  Scott is an urban designer and planner with degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology Architecture Department including a year of study at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris.  Scott has more than fifteen years of diverse experience ranging from city-wide master planning to site specific design and redevelopment strategies.  He has been a leader in developing innovative neighborhood plans targeted toward enhancing communication, awareness and empowerment at the community level.  Scott is a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and his research on urban design, emerging technologies and sustainability has been presented and published both in the United States and Europe.

    Mindy Watts, AICP, PP, Principal

    Mindy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of City Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. Trained both as a printmaker and an urban planner, Mindy brings an artistic sensibility to the physical, social, and environmental aspects of her planning projects. Her planning and design experience has introduced her to a broad spectrum of contemporary issues facing cities and urban neighborhoods. Her projects have addressed the polar challenges of managing growth in robust markets and fostering revitalization in those of decline and abandonment. Mindy teaches a practice-based workshop for first-year city planning graduate students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design.

    Leah Murphy, Senior Associate

    Leah received a Master of Urban Planning degree with a concentration in Real Estate and Urban Development from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Stemming from interest in digital arts developed during her undergraduate studies in Fine Arts and English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, Leah has created and exhibited several digital video and animation projects exploring these media as valuable narrative forms of representation of urban planning ideas and analysis. Leah has also been actively engaged in studio pedagogy, having served as teaching assistant for multiple urban planning studios, 3-D digital modeling, digital video, and animation studios, and also having led an urban planning studio as a part of Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Career Discovery program.

    Stacey Chen, AICP, Senior Associate

    Always a city lover, Stacey became interested in city planning and urban design after living abroad for a number of years. She received a Master of City Planning degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago. She also has a background in community development and social programs for immigrant communities.

    Ashley DiCaro, LEED AP, Associate

    Ashley emerged from the depths of New Jersey in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University. She recently completed her Master of Science in Sustainable Design at Philadelphia University, cultivating her interests in the multidisciplinary approach to ecological design and planning.

    Jamie Granger

    Jamie holds Bachelor’s degrees in Urban Studies and Economics from Brown University and a Master’s degree in City Planning and Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania.  With both creative and pragmatic mindsets gained through his diverse background, Jamie brings a comprehensive approach to tackling urban issues.

    Rapheal Randall

    Rapheal received a Master of City and Regional Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University.  Rapheal entered the field of urban design/planning due to an insatiable desire to leave a positive imprint on the environment.  His overarching goal in life is to assist people and groups who are striving to build strong and vibrant communities and living spaces.

    Caitlin Zacharias

    Caitlin received a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree in Germanic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University. Her interest in urban planning/design grew out of her background in visual arts and environmental science in addition to her exposure to a variety of cities while living and working in Europe and Asia. Caitlin’s previous planning experience focused on how technology is changing cities.

    Diana Gruberg

    Diana is a graduate of the Landscape Architecture program at the University of Pennsylvania.  Before entering the design field, she studied Political Science, conducting research both in the books and on the streets of New York City.  This dual approach has continued to inform her studio and field work, which has ranged from a large park project in The Peloponnese, Greece to a Schoolyard rehabilitation project in East New York, Brooklyn.  She was born and raised in Philadelphia.

    Shrobona Karkun

    Shrobona graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters in Spatial Analytics (MUSA) in 2014.   Shrobona has a background in architecture and is interested in data visualization using GIS based tools and application development. Her primary focus is in data analysis and planning related to community development, the built environment and sustainability.